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Young Justice: A Clip from Misplaced (Possible Spoilers)

With the new season kinda thing of Young Justice starting, where's a clip from the new episode, in which all of the adults have disappeared and it's up to the team to defeat Klarion and save the day!

Views on this show? I thought that it had kind of a shakey start, but it seems to be getting consistantly better with each episode, to me at least. I like that that they've decided to incorperate all of DC's continuity into one universe with a history of superheroes that stretches back to the 1940s, instead of shoving it into a smaller timeslot and cutting off the parts that don't fit.

Wonder Woman apparently is an immortal that fought in World War Two, for example, which would be impressive if they actually gave her some actual damn lines in the show. Seriously, I love the cameos they're including, but when Madame Xanadu and Bette Kane are getting more lines than Diana in your all DC-inclusive show it's a little odd.

The character development from episode to episode seems to be getting consistantly better, with the possible seeds of the Nightwing persona being planted a little while ago and Megan starting to loose the intial media-suggested approach to being a girl she had prior starting to fade into being more her own person, which is nice (the Hello, Megan! phrase and baking apparently came from her watching sitcoms and thinking that people actually acted like that, kind of making it more a comment on sexism in the media than the character herself being a stereotype, if that makes sense).

Not to fond of their version of the Joker, although Brent Spiner is pretty Boss in most things that he's in.

Anyways, here's a panel of New Frontier Wonder Woman for legality, as she's always awesome.

Ended up writing a mini-essay on my interpretation of the New Frontier version of the character after a conversation that I had here a while ago, if people are interested,
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It wouldn't have been how I did it, but I can sort of see what they're doing; a sort of Sterling Holloway meets Truman Capote, perhaps hinting that Klarion is older than he appears.
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It's Thom Adcox Hernandez, and I can still hear a shade of Lexington in his Klarion voice, which makes it really creepy for me.
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I thought he sounded familiar; thanks for that. I would have been agonizing over that one. =)