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Need to get back to posting, as well as [personal profile] q99 and [personal profile] generator_rex taking part to share this awesome series in their respected posts on the blue hedgehog and the Eggman.

We start off in issue 225, Naugus's demand for the crown is interrupted with the arrival of the newly rebuilt Deathegg. Knowing how bad the first Deathegg was, as it could roboticize an entire planet (could it do that in the game?) , so the two parties join forces... for now. Sally and Sonic take the Tornado get on board the ship, which leads up to something Sonic fans been wanting since the cliche "breakup issue between Sal and Sonic...

Long backstory short: RIght after asking Sal's parents' blessing for their marriage, aliens attack Mobius, which was really earth, and they were about to destroy the planet with a black hole machine dealie, Sonic stopped it and got hauled across the galaxy, took Sonic a Hitcherhiker's trip for months to get back, only to have a year pass, to which everyone thought he was dead. As soon as he meet up with Sal again, he called into a mission. When he got back, Sal didn't want him to do more adventures, Sonic said no, Sal got mad, slap him, and they broke up...

On board, Silver Sonic appears, Sonic fights it while Sal moves on ahead... and... this happens

.... WHAT HAPPEN!?!?! What was that? DId Sally got shot? What!?! What!?! For the love of Segata SanshirĊ, TELL ME!?!?!

Yeah, that's where the issue ends, the next issue starts out "Sonic Genesis" arc, and here what happens on the first page...

Wait, huh?

Wait, what about the Deathegg? What about Sally? How come Sonic doesn't know the Old Badniks?

Later on in the issue, Sonic runs into SNively, Eggman, and the Freedom Fighters: Sally, Antoine, and Boomer... and this is their FIRST meeting... yeah, this sounds like the DC reboot... the entire old comic ends on a cliff hanger... and replace with this... but as the episod-I mean story arc, continues, the Freedom Fighters begin to have deja vu, as well as reoccurring earthquakes getting stronger over time. The setting seem to take place in Sonic the Hedgehog 1, 2, and 4. We get the final boss 4 with Sonic facing Egg-face on the Deathegg, which reveals Ro'Buttnik's grand plan! That button he pressed, was really a RESTART button...

Another backstory short, the Freedom Fighters DIDN'T find the means to deroboticizition to restore the Robians to Mobian... an alien race of female clones did... they had magical science... not only did they restore Mobians, but also made that they can't be roboticize again. So Eggman's plan, to undermine Sonic's "chaos factor" was to alter the way of the world, but the problem was that the reality was tearing itself apart because of that, but if Buttnik uses the global roboticizer to turn the planet into a giant machine, it would keep the current reality still.

In short, he toss a ship at Sonic, and that attack knocks the rings out of him...

Sonic makes quick work of the Mecha, and we learn the planet is about to tear apart...

hehe, Shadow called Shady or Streaky... back to serious moment...

We then turn to issue 230... 10 seconds before the last pages of issue 225...

Then we get to the part of [personal profile] q99's post about Mecha Sally's coming to be: Eggman is going to use the roboticizer to destroy ALL of tech on the planet outside of the Deathegg. This leads to a epic battle that leads to this...

Yeah... you can hear the victory chime at this point.... too bad this is the GOOD ending to the gam- I mean comic!

And the story continues. The Blue Chaos Emerald that Eggman had for his ship is now missing, and he upgraded Sally to be a weapon Mobian, and took out one of the Freedom Fighters... who may die...If you actually like to have adventitious comics, without the needless shallow "dark" material or over the top violence, or just like old school games/cartoon shows, pick up this book. That's all I can say... also pick up Megaman if you like the classic games...

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This really makes me want to play Generations again.


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