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This whole mini could have been about Cap and Bats and I would only have loved it more. Here's their first encounter, and when they go hang at the Batcave (and meet Ben Grimm!) :

Okay, so the backstory is the that the Gamemaster and Krona have pitted the JLA and the Avengers against each other to satisfy a bet. After the JLA do some reconnaissance in the 616, the Avengers return the favor and show up in Metropolis. It isn't long before the two teams start doing what most teams do in crossovers: punching first and asking questions later...

Shit just got real.

While the others continue with the game, Batman and Cap slip away. We see them next at the Batcave, where Cap makes an interesting observation....

So much potential for Dead Partner Angst. Wish there could have been more. But moving on....

There needs to be more stories about Batman and Cap riding around on inter-dimensional bikes. I would read a whole series based on that premise.

Date: 2012-02-29 10:08 am (UTC)
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I would like to point out that the "beat" is stressed instead of the "could".


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