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Over at Bleeding Cool they've published a scanned letter column from the most recent Avengers Academy, reacting to #23.

Warning for homophobic content.

Issue 23 being where Striker came out of the closet

Mods, I THINK a scanned lettercolumn will count as a legality scan, but just in case I'll scrounge up a cover shortly.

It is indeed nice to see a polite letter from someone outlining their objections, and even nicer to see them being put, just as politely, in their place.


Date: 2012-03-01 03:07 pm (UTC)
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Christos Gage was my favourite comic book writer and he still is. One of the other depressing things about this post is being reminded again of how much the book is struggling. I really wish I wasn't about to lose my job, so that that I could buy the book more often.

I just dont't understand how the garbage put out by Loeb, Fraction, Bendis, JMS, etc sells so much more than titles done by writers who seem to be putting much more effort into their work. Depresses the hell out of me..


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