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Thank you, xdoop, for the recent posts on Donna Troy and Terry Long.

When looking at the wedding scenes, I was reminded of some continuity changes as regards who Donna's maid of honor, and taking into consideration the whole "At scans_daily, it's never just you", I thought I'd post them (now that I found them!)

The question - is Donna's maid of honor Kory or Diana?

First up - the original wedding - Diana as maid of honor, Kory as bridesmaid:

Secondly - from the "Who Is Wonder Girl?" storyline featured in The New Titans #50-54, Kory as maid of honor:

This is back in the late 80s, when Wonder Woman was introduced into continuity after Wonder Girl. The "Who is Wonder Girl" storyline was an attempt to deal with the situation.

And finally, from JLA #0, Diana is back:

And Kory's demoted again. Not sure what has happened to the rest of the bridesmaids...

No hard feelings, though! ;)

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