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Dark Horse brings Ghost back

Nobody reported it yet?
Alright, I'll do it!

Dark Horse Comics' gonna bring back Ghost this year!
Ghost, that's right!
Remember her?

Dark Horse will launch a new series featuring Elisa Cameron this summer.

She will first make a quick comeback in Dark Horse Presents #13 before having a new on-going returned to her (starting with a 3 issues mini).

Ghost will now be written by Kelly Sue DeConnick and illustrated by Phil Noto!

It's gonna be a simple reboot, rather than a continuation of her previous series.

And Phil Noto redesigned her look as you can see above and below.
There's a nice interview of both creators on comicbookresources

Ghost's story will start back with her origins/mysterious murder for first story-arc.

She was one of Dark Horse's most successful original creations.
We'll see how this turn out if will be the worthy successor of the original comic that launched Adam Hughes' career.

Check out some more sketches by Phil Noto:

Nice designs. A bit less classy (exposing more leg-action and whatnot), but still captures pretty much the same feel as the original.

So...Wait and see?~

For legality:

The original Adam Hughes' drawn Ghost!
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My "the chick" I meant "Ghost", sweetie.

for my opinion on Kelly Sue Deconnick see "those are two creators name worth paying attention"
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I assumed that the two creators were Noto and Hughes.

And you don't know me well enough to call me "sweetie." It feels patronising.
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How is Hughes involved in the new Ghost series? Okay, never mind, I guess it was a reasonable misunderstanding.

Right, I was being sarcastic because I was annoyed that you misread what I wrote this way. Won't do it again.