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Lois Lane Superhero Agent.

Just Imagine Stan Lee elseworld.

Justice League.

Secret origins.

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I kind of like this. Is it wrong that I kind of like this?
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GL: Yes, that's it, touch the chest symbol. Mmmmm...

WW: How will this help us save the world?

GL: ...Sorry, what? I wasn't paying attention.
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Stan's still The Man

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It's stuff like this that shows that, after all these years, Stan's still got it. For all the valiant attempts by great writers over the years, most of DC's A-list characters can't ever really escape the fact that they originated as two-dimensional cardboard characters, which limits them in a way they can't really escape. Marvel's A-listers don't have that problem, so they've always managed to come off... livelier somehow than their counterparts at DC.

But Stan, with these Elseworlds, showed that with the right tweaks the DC characters could be every bit as colorful and exciting. "Like E.T. Use that line!" These guys here could easily trade banter with the likes of Spidey or Ben Grimm.

Imagine if they'd actually gotten Stan to help create the nuDC instead of Geoff Johns and *ugh* Scott Lobdell. You want to create a truly modern DC, Powers That Be?That's how you do it. Stan's created characters that will be around for generations to come. Can anyone name a single Geoff Johns creation for whom that'll be the case?

Re: Stan's still The Man

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Geoff Johns mostly uses othere characters. Considering he's paid to write in other people's franchises and these books have been introing character seventy some years I'm fine with that.
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I'm really loving Batman and Lois here. And Wondy's white and old outfit reminds me of a lot of re-designs on Project Rooftop of her- I wonder if the inspiration for that came from here?
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Ha, this is brilliant!

Looking at the title, I thought Lois was going to be a spy. This is even better! ;)
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Oh god that is great. Did not even notice due to dynamic entrances being so common.
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I really don't like to be "that guy" but I absolutely despised Just Imagine Stan Lee's Superman. The story was dumb and full of plot holes, bad dialogue and an unlikable protagonist. Not to mention the "Lois Lane" stand-in was one-dimensional.

In my opinion, the whole "Just Imagine Stan Lee" series was a failed experiment that never should've happened. Some things are best kept as "what ifs". The only decent books on there were Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Batman. And even then, they weren't his finest work.

In fact, I did a video review for my webshow focusing on Just Imagine Stan Lee's Superman (the previous ones were on Stan's GL and Shazam).

Here's the link.

It has basically my entire opinion of the book in detail.
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I tried to watch it but it said it was unavailable...
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All I can suggest is keep trying the link or go to my showpage directly.
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I kinda liked these Stan Lee Imagine..
They weren't actually that great, fun or original, but I liked 'em :)
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Can't say this enamours me that much.

As an Elseworld it's harmless, and an interesting commentary on how such heroes probably would be handled (Though I think "Zenith" did it better), but it's a terribly... uninspiring world for the most part. If it's Stan Lee doing "The World Outside your Window", it's got a lot of parts that I don't really WANT outside my window, still less made the focus of a superhero story.

I may be old fashioned (and I am) but I don't really WANT an unscrupulous money-minded eye-on-the-main-chance operator like this Lois to prosper. Yes I can see Superman being more than that as the story progresses, but even so....
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This is weirdly interesting. I'd read it for a bit.