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Upon learning about the death of Sheldon Moldoff, I decided to show you his work.

From All-Star Comic #6 (August-September 1941), The Justice Society Initiates Johnny Thunder. Four and a half pages from what would have been a 60-something page comic.

We join our story alreadu in progress....
Thunderbolt tells Hawkman that Johnny Thunder is in trouble yet again...Meanwhile, Shiera learns she has inherited a fortune...

Hawkman arrives, and does what he has always done best...

Hawkman chases the Captain, but is tricked into trapping himself in the boiler room. There he hears Johnny's voice...

 edit: tiny pic hates this images so have a link: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v213/MS2004/dc/All%20Star%20COMICS/AllStar006DC-AugSept1941062.jpg

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Thank you! [personal profile] ctbn60 made it. She's a talented lady! :)


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