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Or, How Mary Marvel Ended Up In a Hospital At the Beginning of Countdown!

With the reveal of the new "improved" Geoff Johns version of Captain Marvel, sorry, Shazam, I got into the mood to post some of Judd Winick's miniseries 'First Thunder'. But in the meantime, here are some scans as to why it sucked to be Mary Marvel in the mid- to late 2000s...

At some point after 52, Mary Batson lost her powers, possibly due to the events in Trials of Shazam miniseries (also by Winick). That mini was about how Captain Marvel Jr. had to perform a series of tests to prove himself worthy of succeeding Billy Batson as Captain Marvel, as Billy had taken Shazam's role as Caretaker of the Rock of Eternity at the time.

Due to the tests being between Freddie and groups of other magicians to see whether the Marvel Family has the right to the powers of Shazam or not, I suppose it makes sense that they'd take Mary's powers away until the matter was resolved.

Unfortunately, the time and place Mary was in made the unwarned depowering was... kind of bad.

After falling from three miles up and ended up in a coma, it turned out that none of her family (neither Billy and the Marvels nor her wealthy adoptive parents) came to see her in the hospital. Naturally this was only the START of her troubles...

From Brave New World 1

Date: 2012-03-08 04:03 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] gerardotejada
So in other way putting her in a Comma was for her own proctecion, like when you put characters in limbo so they dont get published just for the sake of beign published?

I think they should just stop writing characters just because they have them, obiously Morrison didnt plan to write Barry, It shows all over the book.

You know what character was written like Mary Marvel should be Written? Miss Martian. She even had an arc when she fitghed with her "dark side" It was delightfull AND funny.

PD: Really? Morrison? I know a lot about his writting to know he was bluffing, he didnt subverted, deconstructed or whatsoever to the concept of Mary Marvel not more than show her as an example of the absolute corruption of Darkseid.

Like when Paul Cornell wanted to demostrate how horrendous something was he had the Joker petrified in fear.

But the whole "subverting Mary Marvel" was just one of his tipical bluffings


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