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Blue Water covers the 60s Batman show cast...

Went on to  CBR last night and just stumble onto 3 different comics about the cast from classic Batman show and... and.... just look...

First: The Secret Lives of Julie Newmar #1

It starts out with Julie enjoying her life, watering her plants and creepy lawn gnome from Goosebumps, when this happens...

Did she really just said "A blood curdling 'Oh My God!"?  There is a page where she falling trough a vortex of tear-able desktop calenders through the years, screaming all the way, when we get this page

.... ugh... the dialogue does not match the artwork AT ALL in this page!

Next, Adam West's Book. The Mis-Adventures of Adam West #2

I didn't left any pages out that were in between these, those are the first 3 pages, not including the western intro that recaps the last issue. Please tell BlueWater previews are shown out of sequence....

Next, we have Burt Ward's comics: Burt Ward: Boy Wonder for FCBD. And compare this cover to the others posted here and tell me whats wrong with it.

... I am not sure if this is either a Bluewater bio comic, or just another "adventure" comic with the celebrity's name tagged on the title, like their "Vincent Price: House of Horrors", but either way, this has to be the blandest cover of theirs ever! I would post some pages of comic to help resolve this question. But CBR has 3 pages, and two of them are just pictures of Burt as "NOT Robin" and himself today, and an purple alien Not Robin. Closest thing to a page is this!

... tell me, just tell me! How do they make these comics? Do they get people's permission before using their images and likenesses for these comics? How do they get money. Do schools buy these comics in bulk for the younger Grade school kids? Are all their adventure books are just has poorly done and jarring as these? Some one explain this for me! I need to vant and rant with the right info to go on!

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