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Or that characters from JMS' Rising Stars, who had telekinetic control of very very small things.

Which was enough for her to become a secret agent and assassin, since she could constrict blood vessels and things like that.
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Reminds me of Gypsy Moth from Spider-Woman (and later of the Thunderbolts, using the name "Skein"), she was telekinetic, but found that she could only work with materials that felt "soft" (one of the few examples where there was elaboration of some degree of biofeedback from telekinesis) which meant she could work with fabrics and threads... and then (similar to your example) realised she could also pinch blood vessels closed, her rich, elderly husband died of a heart attack shortly thereafter...
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-shudder- Stuff like that reminds me how fragile human beings really are.

A little air bubble in your veins, a clamped blood vessel, an electrical imbalance in the brain, and -poof- you're worm food.

Babylon 5 actually touched on that I think. Many alien races as well as humans had telepaths (which are highly prized) and a fraction of those telepaths are also telekinetics.

But the problem is that even the most powerful telekinetics can only move, say a penny with their mind. So for ages everyone wants to use drugs or genetic enhancement or cybernetics to increase the raw power of a telekinetic's abilities.

Then someone realizes with the same amount of force used to push a penny, you could seal a vital blood vessel, cause neurons to misfire, and so on and assassinate anyone without leaving any physical evidence.

Scary stuff.
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We're everywhere....


...for your convenience

Welp. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife!

Seriously though. Those commercials scared the business out of me. That and the censored news-caster for ISN that was just a political mouth piece for the dictatorship that took over Earth.

Ancient alien galactic superpowers feuding for control and blowing up planets? YES PLEASE!

It's the human element that struck home, because propaganda is so prevalent as a tool, even (or rather especially) today. I think it really hit me because I'm Korean and I know that this is the kind of brainwashing people in North Korea are constantly subjected to, taught to trust and even worship their leaders.