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The Day is just full of spoilers and game changers across comics.
I'll do my best to keep up with what I can find.

After Nobody puts the hurt on Damien and Bruce breaks through walls and the sea itself to reach and rescue Robin....

and of course Batman knows how to make an entrance.

Nobody and Batman fight.

*We've seen Batman tear people new bloody orifices out of rage. No one has ever directly harmed his boy (the previous Robin's not withstanding). And what Batman does to Nobody is just brutal, despite all the pain Nobody throws at him.
Before he let's the man die in a pool of acid, Bruce sees his son watching him, and catches himself before killing the man.

Now trapped in a sinking ship in Gotham harbor, Bruce must find the means to save all three of them. Which leaves the injured Nobody to taunt and Robin one last time.

Which leads to this.


By request.

Nothing will ever be the same.
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