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My First Week: When I first realised the Glory that is Doom!

I'm going out of the box slightly here, not by talking about my first comic (could be an issue of the John Byrne run involving a giant snail, a Legends of the Dark Knight issue about the Joker's first journey into supervillainy, or an edited down issue of Batman Adventures, not sure which) but rather, the first time I actually got what made a character so awesome.

And that character was Doctor Doom.

Now, at this point I'd never actually read Fantastic Four comics (not really my thing, still aren't, really) but I was aware of Doom from his appearance in the 1990s Spider-Man cartoon, in the adaption of the Beyonder crossover thing, where Doom, Spidey, the Red Skull etc. where all dumped on an alien planet to see if evil or good was the superior alignment (never saw the last part of the storyline, it just kind of ended after the Beyonder reclaimed his powers after Doom pinched them).

The only other time I'd seen him was in the Hulk cartoon of all things, where he was suprisingly British and was present during one of She-hulk's more... enthused tranformation sequences.

Shulkie's hair... so 90s...

No, the first time I saw what, to me was what perfectly encapsulated the character was here on Scans_daily some six or so years ago when someone was posting some of those weird Spider-man, Namor and Doom stories from the sixties or seventies.

Are you ready for it?

Here it is,

This, admittedly, wasn't the deepest protrayal of Doom, that's something covered by Ed Brubaker's underrated Books of Doom series that followed his rise to power. But, really to me, was the point where he started being awesome, rather than being just another supervillain.

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