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First, to offer some clarification: before this comic, I did have a few odd comics, but I wasn't really "in" to them. I think I managed a Spider-man or Captain America somewhere, and I think my dad had picked up the Batman issue where Jason Todd as Robin died. Oh, and I got a pack of mini-STAR Comics with Spider-Ham and such one Christmas.

Somewhere amidst that, I did get one of those three-packs which used to be in grocery stores on the kids rack, and it had three copies of Marvel's Transformers comic-- numbers 13, 14, and 15. And truth be told, while they're good in retrospect, they did little to hook me, a hardcore fan of the cartoon. They seemed too different, with their odd colors, and the Megatron solo issue which kicked the three off did little to appease me, the Autobot fan (that he wasn't even himself for the duration didn't help).

So, I put them aside... until I saw this:

Well, that changes everything, now doesn't it?

I immediately forgot about the old comics, and probably had it in my mind that this would tie in more with the cartoon... possibly because (if I'm not mistaken) it had ended with "The Rebirth." As such, I asked my dad to get it for me.

Well, that didn't quite happen... instead, this is what he brought me:

Turns out, there was a convenience store where he worked which carried comics, but apparently they felt that one Transformers comic on their racks was all they needed, and I wouldn't get to read The Headmasters mini-series until years later (lucky for me they joined up in the main book, though I had no idea who this "Galen" guy was supposed to be... or why he wasn't green, if he was a Nebulan).

So I read this anyway... and hey, Goldbug! And Blaster! ...though he acted a bit more surly than I was used to. And Grimlock was leader after Optimus Prime died? What? But what about Rodimus Prime...? (Or the fact Optimus had been revived?)

Still, unlike the other three, this one ended on a compelling cliffhanger... one which promised to introduce one of my favorite Autobot sub-groups at the time, the Throttlebots! And things just kept going on from there, and I kept getting them month after month.

Sadly, I no longer have my first, or any of my Marvel Transformers comic collection, which took me years to complete and were all callously discarded by an old man in a backstabbing move I won't go into here.

Anyway, since I don't have the book any longer and thus cannot provide my own scans, here are a couple of panels from the TFWiki entry:

This bit actually disappointed me. As I said, I'm an Autobot fan, and while this issue introduced the three Decepticon Triple-Changers, it was the Autobot Triple-Changers-- Springer, Broadside, and Sandstorm-- who I wanted to see show up. And I thought that the green guy there might be or become Springer (given the weird colors and sometimes-strange models used in the comics...).

But, that never came to pass. Turns out that those three were more or less relegated to the UK comics, which went above, beyond, and between the crevices of the U.S. comic with new stories. And there, as I'd later learn, they got to be a part of an elite crew of Autobots known as The Wreckers, along with Ultra Magnus and the Jumpstarters, Twin Twist and Topspin (I had Magnus and Twin Twist's toys, but they never properly appeared in the U.S. comic, much to my disappointment).

And a funny thing: the plot element introduced in this issue, the Scraplets, were recently brought back into the franchise after about 20 years in some episodes of the current television show, Transformers Prime.

Funny how things come full-circle, isn't it?
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