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The circus didn't do it, the secret society of entitled rich assholes did.

Not that there seems to be any other type of rich person club in DC these days.

I'm not a Conservative or a Republican or anything, but really there are enough rich wealthy people in the DCU for there to be some kind of joint venture between them to use their money and influence to save the world beyond their superheroics, right?

Like a team up between Michael Holt, Bruce Wayne, Karen Starr, Kord Industries etc. to save the world via something along the same likes as Batman Inc. but being more towards providing humanitarian aid in disasters and crisises beyond crimefighting and immediate relief in the aftermath.

Like maybe it'd be straying too far from reality to have them come up with an AIDS vaccine with their joint money or something, but it'd make a change from anonymous groups of wealthy people secretly being out to mess with the prols.

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