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I am kind of...underwhelmed by Carol's new costume? I dunno. I can see wanting to get her out of what is essentially a one-piece bathing suit with thigh high boots, but the visual design of her classic costume is very iconic. This new one is nice enough, but it doesn't really have any wow factor for me if that makes sense? She looks less like an instantly recognisable unique hero, and more like a member of the Captain Marvel Corps.

I also don't think the sash belt works with the rest of it, and I'm not sure I love the short hair. Geez, whine whine whine...on the positive side, it is very nicely drawn in the top couple of images. And it makes much more sense to me that she would call herself Captain Marvel these days rather than Ms Marvel (I always thought Warbird was an improvement on Ms Marvel, but admittedly, the name Captain Marvel does present much more of a shiny upstanding superhero image).

Maybe it just needs to grow on me. I think I would like it fine if it was a new character, it's just kind of a jarring departure from what I'm used to for Carol specifically and it seems a little generic...

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