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I don't see how James Gordon Jr being a psycho is connected to anything, really - if anything, I think it provides an interesting contrast to Barbara (who I can't stand at the moment but that's neither here nor there). The books have always been soap-operaish, though. I mean, the revelation of Doctor Hurt - and like, EVERY revelation, reeks of soap opera jokes like they used to do on friends.

"I, Doctor Hurt, am the guy involved in that isolation treatment you underwent years ago!"

"I, Doctor Hurt, have been empowered by the tool of a dark God of Evil and have come across hundreds of years to destroy you!"

In the revised continuity, though, I don't see how connecting Haley's to the Court of Owls is a particularly awful thing, though. It at least does something interesting with the concept and furthers the notion of Gotham really belonging to the Owls. It gives Dick more of a reason to hate them, and it makes it that much more satisfying when Batman and Co inevitably take them down.
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