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Wonder Woman #07 rotting spoilers

I have to credit for this.

I've touched on the Batman spoilers today, but they start off with the revelations about Diana and her people. It's a new low for DCnU.
It's a doozy and may not sit well with most of you. Heck, the new S_D protocols may even be triggered.

Fair warning, SPOILERS AHOY.

Shouldn't we have a tag for "everything you thought you knew was wrong."?

From the article:

"Paradise Island, has always been portrayed as a preserve of women, with new generations emerging… in an non-specific fashion. Formed from clay, or girls lost at sea transported to the island. The new Wonder Woman does away with any such niceties. The women of Paradise Island now set off on the seas looking for other ships, for seamen… or rather, semen. They have sex with the sailors, and then kill them. The sex may have been consensual, but what happened after certainly issn’t. Later, those that have conceived children give birth, the female children staying, the male children… becoming hellish slaves of the infernal weaponry workshop."

"It’s a nightmarish vision made real by Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang, the harshness of the stories of the Gods now made flesh in a much less palatable way. And given light to the thought that somewhere, working at a lithe, forging a mighty sword, unaware of his lineage, is Wonder Woman’s brother…

I guess Donna is going to have a say about this other brother, and I am not too fond of this darker, seedy Paradise Island. It honestly sounds like a brothel/labor camp of the gods than an ideal community led by women, made of women, for the women.
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Why is he making WW's backstory more sexist, and why is this a sudden revelation to Diana if it's normal for them?

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Well, she was born through other means, and I wouldn't be surprised if this is an aspect of their society that they don't talk about a whole lot.
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She was born through pretty similar means now. And they have to be ok with it at least enough to carry on with it.
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Not exactly. Hippolyta didn't kill Zeus when she was done.

As someone who has nothing invested in Diana and for whom this book is the first time I even started feeling any interest in her story: have to say, it works for me. I am sure it's much different for people who had been fans of Diana before.
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My view is, "This'd be a great Elseworld."

Not so great for long-term Diana. Much of her traditional supporting cast is now murderer-rapists, and I can't wait for that to be altered once this story reaches it's completion.