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Her joining late (she's been a major active member for the last couple issues) is rather beside the point.

She knows they're dealing with a mind controller. She knows (or should know) he's already gotten Dinah at least once - and the guy who supposedly fixed her after that is known by the point of this conversation to have been either Choke, an ally of Choke, or one of Choke's puppets. That, right there, should be enough to go from 'one of us is compromised' to 'the rest of us might be, too'.

Add in that her first mission with them included everybody losing a significant amount of time - and different amounts, so that there were multiple conversations about what one person remembered, and the other didn't (Ivy and Ev about Ev's broken hand, Dinah and Babs about Babs even being WITH the team that night) - and, if they were in their right minds (ie: Choke hadn't included a clause to not make the connection), that should lead rather inevitably to the conclusion Choke's still in their heads.