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Resistance will be DELETED

Saw this cover for Doctor Who/Star Trek #2 in JK Woodward's portfolio at the London Super Comic Con and have been waiting for it to surface online so I could post it.

That industrial steel finish is SO 21st Century, whereas black NEVER goes out of style.

This is from JK Woodward's own blog so seems fair game to post! :)

This is still in transit to me, but posting this cover proved too perfect an opportunity to share the scan of it I got from JK! (His pens ran out of ink before he could finish it on the weekend of the Convention, but with this end result, I don't mind that in the slightest)

As the Team Supreme prove that there is NOTHING better for a sci-fi geek like Doug than a technorganic best buddy when it comes time for cosplaying!

Fab, isn't it? :)

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I have to say, I'm really bored of the Cybusmen design now. Some of the older ones were much creepier.
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To be fair, I can understand the BBC not giving him the budget he'd need to redesign the Cybermen - they didn't have a huge role in his two seasons so far beyond popping up at the end of Smith's first season and, naturally, the focus episode on them with James Corden, so I can understand a redesign not being justified in that sense. Given he's basically sworn off using the Daleks for a bit (although Davies did really, really devalue the poor bastards), I can also understand the BBC being wary there.
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I second liking the Cybusman design, but yeah I'd like to see them 'upgrade.' They've been wearing the same armour since 2006. :/

While I do agree that the original Cybermen were scary in an eerie sort of way (Tomb of the Cybermen comes to mind), I did find the Cybusmen terrifying due to the whole mind control thing. I mean Lumic pretty much turned every mobile device into a mind control device that literally at the flip of a switch they got people to mindlessly walk into cyberfactories in flocks to get *upgraded.* Those episodes actually gave me nightmares for years. :(
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Agreed about the upgrade chambers. It was like walking into a slaughter house, only your brain was carved out and placed into a cyberbody, and the rest was incinerated. x_x

Maybe it's just me, but I thought that the "it hurts" comment was also in reference to the fact that these were human brains that were forced into a cybersuit, and should they have become aware of their state, it would've been too traumatising an experience for them to the point of death as the end of Age of Steel demonstrated.
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Moffat may be on your side, re: Cybermen construction. There's that scene in "The Pandorica Opens" where the one Cyberman's head pops open and there's an entire human skull inside.

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Also note the attempted conversion of Craig in _Closing Time_ - they just weld the helmet and chest armor on over his existing body. Although that's probably just the /start/ of the procedure, and it had to be something essentially undo-able for story purposes...