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First up, the stuff that isn't my own personal weird fan comic.

I mean, it's mine. And it's a fan comic. And it's a little weird. But it isn't...

...oh, screw it.


Okay, just putting this out there. I love the new Ray. His name is Lucien Gates and he's an adopted Korean-American with stoner parents and a great attitude. He likes his powers, he's honest about having powers (his girlfriend, parents, and friends all know he's a hero), and he isn't mired in the all consuming darkness that has enveloped the DCnU.

In a weird way, he kinda reminds me of the pre-Flashpoint Jaime Reyes. Which is why I want the two of them to hang out and Lucien to bring Jaime out of his post-Flashpoint funk.

Buy the Ray's mini. Seriously. It's awesome. I cannot recommend it enough.

Well, I guess I could. If I was recommending it at gunpoint or something.

Any way, next up is more of my Jean Grey/Wanda Maximoff fancrap. For those of you who are unaware of my weird obsession with this pairing, here's an intro: In my head-canon, Jean's been back for a while. She and Wanda live in San Francisco together, sharing a small apartment. Wanda works at an alternative bookstore while Jean splits her time between working at a Teen crisis center and getting her psych doctorate. (She got her Masters during X-factor, I think.) They have a quiet, but happy life together.


Remember kids, cosmic level f*cking has real world consequences.


Because, seriously, the Vision never stops crying.

I actually wrote this before AvX #0 came out. No joke.

If you are at all interested in the pairing (or seeing my other fancomics, Janda or otherwise), check out my deviantart!

I also have a book, if you've got 9 bucks to burn and dig my sense of humor.

So, not sure if this is still cool under the new rules. I think so, but tell me if it isn't.
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