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It's like the blind beating the blind

Three pages from DAREDEVIL 9 and four from this week's DAREDEVIL 10...

But the Mole Man gets the upper hand.

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This is gloomy and all, but I'm just kind of happy Tyrannus gets a mention after so long. When was the last time he showed up?
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Not terribly long ago. Sometime in the past year of Incredible Hulks? He was dating Betty.
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Yeah, he was in the final arc of Incredible Hulks hunting...not Pandora's Box, but that...jar...thing. I can't recall exactly.
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Long story short, AIM ended up creating an actual working wishing well, but of the literal genie variety., and Tyrannus was all like "Pffft. N00bs. I've been around long enough to know the only way to win against something like this is not to play."