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sherkahn ([personal profile] sherkahn) wrote in [community profile] scans_daily2012-03-30 10:25 am

Amazing Spiderman #682 preview has the preview as Spidey takes his fight against the Sinister Six to new levels.

In the battle to save the planet, it's ...
... the Amazing Spider-man vs. Al Gore.

Wonder what Colbert will make of this?

[personal profile] darkknightjrk 2012-03-31 01:56 am (UTC)(link)
Okay, fair enough--probably pushed it a little too much. Politics brings out the best in us, don't it?

The man is a master politician, which typically means he has qualities that are counter to what makes for decent people. To me, his past actions tells me he doesn't really care about other people, he just wants the power that being in the national political arena holds.

I will take back the assault thing, though--I only vaguely remembered it and I didn't see anything on the charges being dropped on my Google search.