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I've got much love for The Flash right now. He's being written very well, in my opinion - very optimistic but ready to push himself to the limit when people are in danger. In short, exactly how a hero like Flash should be.

Everyone is pretty in this issue, even Captain Cold. The redesign is changed enough to know it's different, but not unpleasant or jarringly distracting. In fact, I'd love to own one of Cold's DCNu jackets somehow.

Previously on the Flash:

"The wings make my head look like a fat chicken, another symbol of nature's furious velocity." Obscure Internet Reference!

Meanwhile, Captain Cold's sister, Lisa Snart, is dying. The machines that were supposed to keep her alive were EMP'd out during Flash's last battle with Mob Rule, a new Rogue that can clone/regenerate himself.

"I can't earn a living. I can't keep my team together...I can't even keep my sister safe. All because of him."

Cold takes an entire river hostage just as Barry, Patty and Iris are having lunch on a floating restaurant.

Flash struggles to save the people on the ships, while trying to ignore the industrial-sized can of whoop-ass Cold's been serving him.

"I don't care what his beef with me is. But I can't let him put people at risk. People I care about. I'll do anything to save them - "

Flash manages to scrape a win, but not before witnessing what happens when he overloads the Speed Force:

Barry is as good as his word, and Lisa Snart is cured. However, she remains angry at Captain Cold for the trying-to-kill-everyone thing. Unfortunately, Flash's

being busy means Barry remains missing. Patty, who believes Barry died during the Captain Cold incident, blames Flash. Meanwhile, there's a series of hints related to the appearance of Gorilla Grodd and Pied Piper later on.

The Flash decides to go to the DCNu version of the Cosmic Treadmill and, for the first time ever (in this timeline, at least), jumps into the Speed Force.

Even with all the crap he's been facing (and might possibly face in the future), Flash doesn't go into this with guilt, nor angst. He goes with hope.

The powers-that-be answer his so-called hope with a rear-neck chokehold, courtesy of another addition to the Rogues Gallery: Turbine, who's been stuck in the Speed Force.

To be continued next issue! Comments?


Date: 2012-03-31 11:30 am (UTC)
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I was thinking more in terms of powers than dress (the half-dressed was meant as a reference to old Captain Cold's old outfit). Icicle/Iceman standard cold generating powers.


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