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Again, I think I just have a number of issues with Volume 5, most predominantly the ease with which they split up (although in some ways, that is actually fairly realistic), which just seemed like some poorly done drama to give Volume 6 a hook; Like I say, O'Malley uses Knives to initiate the issues Scott and Ramona have, and then we see nothing of her until the next volume, which is just annoying.

And I think Gideon is partially fascinating - If extremely creepy given his own frozen 'evil exes' (I had to thank Scott for being particularly dense enough to give them that definition, given the squicky, stalkery nature of that moment), which adds an extra dimension as to why he's the top of the pile in Ramona's Evil Exes and the offer he makes Scott the offer to control Ramona's love life. So there's parallels to both Scott and Ramona there that are really quite subtle and well done, but otherwise, he's just really inconsistent.

Also - I doubt O'Malley will change too much given he's working on his new series - but in the process of colouring the series, he's apparently tidying up the art and redrawing some panels. So I'm hoping he will tidy up some of the slightly sketchy stuff in Volume 6..
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