Date: 2012-04-02 01:26 pm (UTC)
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Oh Superman prioritising is fine, it's sensible and a reasonable plot point. Even with hyperbole it's a decent point.

Superman saying "You're wasting your money doing such a thing Bruce" and, essentially, "Sod these priceless and unique historical artefacts" is NOT a reasonable plot point. (I'll bet if Dick had sneaked a couple of Kryptonian symbols onto them somewhere you couldn't have stopped Superman rushing there to save them with a Kryptonite boulder)

And yes, you're right, I should have noted the lovely Curt Swan art. I always loved his Superman, and his Robin is great, not so struck by his Batman (and his Bruce and Dick tend to look a little same-y featureswise) but his art is so good (and was such a aprt of my comic reading childhood) that I sometimes tend to take it for granted.
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