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Just a little Dinah/Diana sparring scene from Birds of Prey #68 that makes me happy. Because I need something to take my mind off the colossal awful that Azzarello is inflicting on Wondy.

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I can see how the Amazons of old myths were meant to be misogynist ideas from the crusty old dudes writing things down at the time, but I was interpreting it as misandry in that the Amazons considered themselves the better gender because the presence of men was stripped away.

And honestly, while I thought Gail's run had some good moments, from what I've read, as soon as it got back to the island the book became boring as hell. To be fair, I haven't read The Circle (I believe I started reading the book during Rise of the Olympians, something like that), so maybe that part is good, but really the high-points of that run for me was the team-ups with Black Canary and Power Girl.

I will agree that there are some big differences between the two societies--the key one being the seeming lack of immortality, causing the need to keep the society alive and creating the awful siren behavior that fans aren't too pleased about in the first place. It might also explain why these Amazons are more man-hating--after several generations, their philosophies and their legends can be distorted pretty bad, and it's easier to hate a group if you don't have any experience or see a lot of them, if that makes any sense.

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See, that's the thing--while the ruthlessness and the generational aspect is new, the isolation and believing men cannot step foot in their society else they ruin paradise is inherent and core to the Amazons of Paradise Island.

Look at previous takes like the Justice League cartoon--Diana brings the League to help her save the island from Felix Faust, and what does she get? She gets banished for bringing the men that helped save her people.

Even if this take on them is a little more...extreme than previous takes, the "man-hating" thing is still core to the Amazons, at least until Diana ventures out to Man's World and shows them that they don't need to separate themselves from it anymore.