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Stormwatch 8 - and this is why we can't have nice things

Apollo got abducted by some weird alien vortex thingy to another universe (whateva) and Midnighter is worried. He even has this lovely conversation with Jenny.


Aw, that's sweet, right? And brings back all those memories of the old Authority, where Midnighter, cruel and vicious as he is, would never harm a child. He loves children, he breaks necks of people who endanger children, that one time when he had to kill a child to save an entire planet from destruction and save Jenny, he agonized about it for weeks! That's why so many of us love him; he's bad but no ev....




I'm not even angry about it, it's more of the "that is not happening, this is a INDOCTRINATION PROCESS hallucination, they will wake up any minute now and Mindy will be Mindy again. Yay! YAY!!! YAY DAMMIT!!!!!!!

Anyway, Jenny returns on her own because ~Jenny and she tells Mindy this:


Who wants to bet that the decision will be Midnighter becoming her father? You know, not because he want to because he loves kids, but because she made him.

I've changed my mind, I'm actually angry now. /rage/ If you need me, I'll be here, in my little corner on Tumblr, reblogging this forevery:

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This. That was what totally what I thought.