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Continuing the important theme about family today (in my posts).

With the future Franklin (master of Galactus) and Valeria Richards in the present, Reed decides to do some "intimate examination" on his own.

Nathaniel and Reed Richards travel along the brand new future that Nathaniel has not explored yet.

And one of comic's oldest bro-mances continues, as Reed examines the future of the Future Foundation and it's core defenders, the Fantastic Four of the future. The stalwart core of future Franklin Richards and Aunt Petunia's ever lovin' blue-eyed boy, the idol of millions, Benjamin J. Grimm, the Thing.

With the immediate future in safe hands, the Richards travel farther into the future, seeing Benjamin take the lead over the Future Foundation, and long for his friends long passed by, as Ben Grimm carries on through the millenia.

At last, in the year 4012, Benjamin J. Grimm lays down his mighty burdens.

This revelation stirs Reed, and the explorers return to their own time.
And Reed shows that he has his priorities straightened out.

Spend the best quality time with the ones you cherish. Because you don't know when that time will pass, or when you will need to carry on beyond them.. or they beyond you.

Dammit, who's cookin' onions?

Date: 2012-04-11 11:46 pm (UTC)
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Comics needs more moments like these.


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