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The Ballad of Nimue and the Demon

Here's four pages from this week's DEMON KNIGHTS 8...

And to keep Etrigan from ever acting in retaliation, Madame Xanadu hatched a plan.

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Marriages for everyone!

I marry you! And you! And you and the other you!
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A dweam wiffin a dweam!
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YOU get a mawwiage! And YOU get a mawwiage! Evwybody gets a mawwiage!
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*Producer's Note: All mawwiage license fees must be paid by the participants and not the host.

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Always knew Etrigan was a romantic at heart. What woman doesn't want a butchered sheep as an engagement present?
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lmao i want him to fall in love with a PETA advocate now
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i have no suitable icon... :D

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For some reason I love the demon-priest.
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This issue was so great. I feel really bad for Xanadu.

And this Vandal Savage continues to be my favorite character of the DCnU.
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Me too. Poor girl has to stick with that loser Jason, instead of being with Etrigan 24 hours a day.

Yeah, you can guess which of these stories I choosed to belive :-)
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I have to say I'd prefer Etrigan, he's much more interesting.

Ok, actually I rather like the Shining Knight, but that's a whole other story.
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I'd have loved if Xanadu's story was her just being happy she has two boyfriends on call. "Why choose? Finding two immortal boyfriends and in one package? Now that's a deal!"
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Yeah, that would have been cool.
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"Sure one of them reeks of some of the darkest magics of existence and can be quite a bother, and the other's Etrigan, but you'd be surprised how rare immortal lovers are these days..."

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The whole Xanadu/Jason/Etrigan triangle is definitely one of the more interesting parts of this book--and this issue does a good job at explaining things while still keeping a little grey in there--what if it really is how Etrigan described it? What if they're both telling the truth to a certain degree?
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it would be interesting if both stories had SOME truth, though i don't see Xanadu saying "YOu saved me! I'm so impressed!"

[personal profile] darkknightjrk 2012-04-13 04:42 am (UTC)(link)
True--I'm thinking in the way that she loves Jason for being there for her when she was growing up, and for being kind, courageous hero; and she loves the Demon, this dangerous and powerful force of nature that awakens this carnal, arcane side of her.
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Yeah, it wasn't exactly a very believable alternative, which does weaken the story.
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i love this book! :D