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Marvel superheroes on opposite sides of a conflict. You don't see that very often.

Four pages from AVENGING SPIDER-MAN 6, part one of the "Omega Effect" crossover. Not in any way whatsoever Guest-starring Darkseid.

Reed Richards wants to retrieve the Omega Drive, currently in Daredevil's possession, so he asks Spider-Man to ask Daredevil for it, knowing the two are pals.

The Punisher makes his grab for the drive, which involves lots of explosions and loud noises to overwhelm DD's senses, but they're interrupted by a fight between Hand ninjas (also after the drive) and Spidey.

After the Hand are taken care of, Spider-Man, Daredevil, and the Punisher naturally do what any mature adults would do when they have goals that conflict with one another -- They calmly talk the matter over with each other.

Spider-Man asks what some people in this community did when DAREDEVIL 10.1 came out. Namely, why did Daredevil only pull the information on Black Spectre instead of all five crime cartels'?

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So... when and why did the Punisher take up the Big Boss look?
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In his own book, he got into a fight with the newest version of the Vulture that ended with him badly injured. He's still recuperating as of the latest issue, which is part of the reason why that woman is with him.
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...I'm thinking I could really use a good (but brisk) summary of everything from the beginning of Frankencastle to... well, now.

In lieu of that: When did he hook up with a ladyfriend?
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After the end of Frankencastle, Frank went back to New York. He took an interest in the case of Rachel Cole-Alves, an Afghanistan veteran and Marine whose entire family was wiped out by unknown gunmen on the day of her wedding. The attack seems to have been motivated by a shadowy criminal syndicate for unknown reasons, and that syndicate is what sicced the Vulture on Frank.

After she and Frank ran into each other on opposite ends of the case, they decided to team up.
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Works for me. Thanks!