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Everything Burns - Marvel Asgard in turmoil has the announcement as Kieron GIllen and Matt Fraction announce what lies ahead for Asgard in the upcoming autumn.

As our world (in the northern hemisphere) turns to Autumn colors of orange and gold, Asgard turns red.

Divide and conquer.

Surtur is free. Surtur has a plan, and instead of applying the hammer technique of overpower shock and awe of the fury of Muspell, he applies techniques of guile and sabotage, and sets Asgardia against one another.

From the article:

"Everything Burns" begins in August's "Mighty Thor" #18, an issue that will take a little-known event from real Norse mythology and examine how it affects Marvel's current Asgardian mythology. "There's actually a missing chapter in the traditional Norse myth cycle. There's a war between the Aesir and the Vanir, the two upper most races in the Norse realms. It's referred to in other sagas, but the actual telling of the event; how it happened, why it happened, who won, who lost has been obliterated or lost," Fraction explained.

"That's always been fascinating to me. Not just as a fan of these myths in particular, but for the comics, because a lot of these characters are the ones that are kind of missing in the comics, specifically a lot of the women. Gillen and I have been doing a lot of gender stuff in our own ways, and this was a chance to amp that up, especially with the All-Mother taking over the throne from the departed Odin. Basically we'll see the kick off to the second Aesir-Vanir War and Thor is Asgard's general on the front line of it. In terms of important stories, it doesn't exist except in reference."

The Aesir/Vanir conflict rekindled? Thor a general, Loki as spy master? I am in.