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"Was Once A Man..."

Archie Comics Going In A Bold New Direction...

...Via Sabrina going all Silver Age Superman and abusing her godlike powers to warp reality and teach people a lesson based on an offhand comment! Huzzah!

Oh yeah, and the top cover is by the artist of Menage a 3 and the bottom one is by the artist of Chester 5000. So now that group that tried to boycott Archie for having a gay character in it can complain about having artists from pornish webcomics in it. Oh well...

I wonder how this will go along with the plans to make a Sabrina movie "along the lines of Spider-man" that they are apparently planning.
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I think he may have been looking for Dan DeCarlo's "other" work.

The dude was certainly the Bruce Timm of his era when it came to what he drew in his free time!