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Avengers vs X-Men #2

Best scene of the issue; hope this means they'll be getting a divorce.

Wolverine and  Spider-Man break in to find Hope.

That's always your solution, isn't it Wolverine?

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T'Challa, Storm, the current Black Panther, and Wakanda have a big story coming up in the Fantastic Four this summer with major changes in the wind.

Reading between the lines in Hickman's latest CBR interview, apparently AvX-induced changes are what prompted him to quit writing the Fantastic Four this October instead of starting another arc, which is another sin we can lay at the foot of this monstrosity.
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Well, fuck.
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Are you fucking kidding me? Goddamnit, I already hated this event. Jesus, I don't think there is anyway I can enjoy any part of this train wreck now, knowing that.

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I don't blame him. He actually thinks out a storyline while a handful other writers just cobble bad ideas into a 12 issue event
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Marvel: Learning from our mistakes? Nah.