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Amazing Spiderman 684

Last issue, Otto Octavious has created a protective shield that can magnify or protect Marvel 616 Earth from Global Warming. He intends to use it, as a last act before he dies. Enter Spiderman and the Avengers, who plan to stop him.

The Sinister Six take on the Avenger's, and both groups have prepped for one another.

Surprise! Otto has better prep-time than Peter Parker, and the Avenger's get their butts handed to them. With Spidey left at his mercy.

We now rejoin the Ends of the Earth.

Silver Sable has tagged along, rescuing Spider-man and the Black Widow.
Out maneuvered and out gunned, Peter decides to try round #2 with more brains, more stealth, less brawn. His plan?

Shut down Dr. Octopus' ability to deliver on his end of the protective shield, and force the world to turn on Dr. Octopus. Spider-man's target: A Saharan desert former A.I.M. base.

and it's a trap, set by Dr. Octopus to have Sandman kill Spiderman and his allies.
But on the flight over, Spidey has reconfigured some of his tools on his suit... since this has now become a mental chess match, with both sides planning and counter planning against one another.

And we see how Sandman's powers can work. And work against him.

The dust spray is a mild radioactive tracer. That, with some of the other toys Peter's

There's a way to turn an enemies strength against him.
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I'm sorry, but that is the biggest load of nonsense I've heard in a long time. On the surface, it's a fucking cool solution to beating the Sandman, but now Slott has to answer exactly how Marko can EVER be a viable threat again.

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Maybe Spidey doesn't have that special gas with him at all time? Maybe it's a one and done trick? Just shooting from the hip here.
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"He's evolved."

I just did it in two words. :P
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Easy, from now on Sandman learns to keep his core grain in constant motion. He was never aware Spider-Man had intuited it's existence, he might never have known himself. But now he knows, things can be different.
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It probably wouldn't have worked if Flint had actually used all of the Sahara.
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I'm totally thinking along the lines of the Mummy.
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"Haha, I've removed your ability to control your form!"
Enormous masses of sand falls on them.
"Oooooh shit."
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Because it's ONE tiny grain of sand amongst thousands, even when Marko's not channeling thousands of tons of sand? Because Spider-man typically doesn't have radiation tracers and hypnotic inducers on his person? If anything, this introduces a way Spider-Man can plausibly beat Sandman, who's an immortal shape-shifter and quite possibly one of the strongest villains on the planet, with out resorting to a Dues Ex Machina every time, making this a huge improvement.