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Big events are always a good time to catch up with the family

So much for that promise, Pietro.

Damnit, I hate those narration boxes. Sooo corny.

I'm not particularly impressed by how this plays up Wanda as spoooooooooooky and creeeeeeeeepy.

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I don't want Wanda to die, but at the moment, it seems the most likely, considering that she has the heart of a hero, but the transgressions and past of a villain, and need to balance all those deaths out somehow (plus, she can be resurrected at a later date). And I don't think of brainwashed X-men as them being evil, I'm thinking that Hope, raised with the Mutant Messiah thing drilled into her head, also has those influence/brainwashing powers and are being amplified by the Phoenix, thus making the X-men make bad decisions and fight for her when they normally wouldn't. Furthermore, since Hope expects humans to act stupid about mutants, her influential powers expand across the world and makes all the other factions (Avengers, Fantastic Four, et cetera) act stupid.

And thus, we have this kind of situation, in which everyone acts as if they have Hope's grasp of history and empathy (none which are very developed) despite their personal histories with the Phoenix.

Come to think of it, it would explain why none of the other Avengers protested shutting out Wanda, since as the Mutant Massacrer, Hope would probably hate her and those Phoenix-amplified influential powers could possibly play a part. It's possible that Ms. Marvel, with her past as Binary (another space-energy-something, you know, the white hole thing which could possibly be retconned into being connected to Jean's White Phoenix persona), would be less influenced by the Phoenix-amplified powers and would thus take Wanda's side.

It would also explain how everyone acts about the Phoenix; to Hope, and all those she influences, it is a being of great powers, with a fondness of mutants, who made everyone else tremble in the history books. She doesn't have the knowledge that others have of Jean and Rachel's good days as the Phoenix, so when her influence expands because of the Phoenix, it distorts everything to her own view. Which would also explain why Wanda somehow is having prophetic dreams (she, herself, having reality distortion powers).

*Looks at long comment* Okay, I've officially given this too much thought. Oy vey.

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If it is the Phoenix amplifying Hope's powers beyond the impossible, then one could have Hope be unaware that she's been doing it, and instead is swallowing her own Mutant Messiah hype because the X-men are reinforcing it due to her influence that she isn't aware she's exerting, and on top of that, the Phoenix starts to take Hope's mindset, which means that it feels justified in amplifying those powers. It becomes an Ouroboros situation in which there really is no one truly at fault, yet there's a boatload of guilt and blame to go around.

It would also mirror Wanda's situation (was she influenced by Pietro? Controlled by Doom? Feeling forced into a corner by anti-mutant sentiment? Or did her powers unconsciously alter reality to make those things influence her into altering reality, which shows the utter incomprehensible nature of reality warping powers), in which there is a clear person to hate for all of it, but are they really to blame? They certainly aren't blameless, but were they truly responsible? What's the better course after all this? Punishment or preventing a repeat occurrence?