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Richard Feynman and the Nazis

Here are four pages from issue 2 of Jonathan Hickman's THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS...

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This, too. It's one thing to give ancient scientists whatever types of personalities the writer wants to project on them, as Hickman did in SHIELD, but another entirely to do this sort of thing for people like Feynman and von Braun who lived within living memory of most of us (well, maybe just me and a few others in von Braun's case, at least as far as s_d is concerned) when he could have easily have just made two new characters. But that's less of a hook, I guess.
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And why should it be different for ancient scientists? Some have left personal accounts, and there are always biographies. Perhaps it's harder to get their personalities right, but research is part of writing. Research is something I don't see in this book at all.

From Hell this is not.