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Nicola Scott anteriors from Earth 2 #1 + Variant Cover + Earth-2 Robin sketch

DC source released a scan from one of the anteriors from Nicola Scott's and James Robinson's Earth-2 book, plus the variant cover.

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Can't wait to see how this looks like in colour! Even though it's only nine days away, it still feels like I'm waiting a lifetime for these books to come out. :(

I especially can't wait to see more of Nicola Scott's Earth-2 Robin if her current commission of her is any indication:

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She does draw one sexy Helena Wayne. Look at that smile! So confident and sure of herself. [Dies from all the sexy] *__________________*

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it may be that "Huntress" is only a name she adopted on E1 because "Robin" was already in use.

Bad phrasing on my part, I think...I'm certain that this is the case.

When she gets back she may have to choose which name to use from now on.

Assuming she does get, given that Power Girl was looking into the same tech Michael used to get there, and it'd be somewhat depressing if they didn't manage to use it to get back. On the other it seems something of a waste of a story for them to do so any time soon, given that they've been put on the main Earth in the first place.