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The Time Cass was Fired

Following Cass getting an attack of adolescent rebellion, causing her to disobey Bruce for the first time, Bruce realises that he's been using her as a weapon just like her father had, albeit for more altruist reasons. To attempt to make it up to her, he gives her the Steph Brown Treatment, and sacks her for what he considers to be her own good, so she can live a life truly on her own terms without being used as a tool by him or anyone else.

Unfortunately, firing someone with no friends, qualifications, or skills outside of those that can be used to fight crime and no clue as to what alternatives are avaliable goes about as well as you'd imagine...

Cass steals a spare costume and goes after a group of drug dealers that she's fought a number of times before, only for Batman to show up to stop her just as the head of the gang bunges a phial of rage drug at them, causing the pair to go on a fight that wrecked a lot of the city.

Which I can post part of tomorrow if people want. ^^
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So far I've managed to find a total of ONE image of Batgirl- Babs. Also I've managed to find some images of Cassie!Wonder Girl- I wonder if Donny Troy exists here, though I doubt it. Also wondering why the creators used Dick Grayson and Wally, but is now animating Cassie.

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They hate Donna Troy, they went as far as to change the characters relationships to fit Cassie.

I just wan to see one animated series that have both Tim and Cass (NO I dont suport batcest) they are the best batman ever, that was the point of fresh blood.