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Yup. E2 Batman was Bruce all along. I knew my spidey senses weren't lying to me!

Also, because this is me posting, and we know what bleeps my gaydar:

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Nicola Scott should draw Helena Wayne as Robin forever. :3

You can catch the rest of the preview here. Nicola Scott's art is delish as always, though, Robinson's dialogue couldn't get anymore cliche than these three pages. In fact, I think I just read every cliche imaginable on just one page alone. :/

Date: 2012-05-01 03:09 pm (UTC)
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But there ARE fundamental differences if, for example, Bruce and Selina got together and had a kid who became Robin. (Completely alters or negates Earth 2 Dick Grayson right there.) Plus, there's the whole separate Earth thing which allows for more creativity, without the writers being tied to the continuity of a shared universe.
The ONLY downside I see is the WF comic being set on Earth 1.


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