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Cyclops tricks the Avengers and the X-Men escape Utopia thanks to Illyana.

Cap sends the Avengers to various locations to look for Hope. Wolvie and Cap take a walk to compare half baked strategies and well this happens...

Additional Spoiler:

At first I was going to bitch about Rachel being Cyclops' mole in Logan's School, but then I remembered when Wolvie tried to kill her when she was the Phoenix's host. Which if that's what they end up using to justify her siding with Cyke is actually a) good writing and B) an astonishing nod to continuity.


If they believe the Phoenix's arrival means a rebirth for them, then it makes sense for most (if not all) of the mutants to side with the other mutants. But I don't get how the Phoenix arriving equates jump starting mutant baby births.

Cap and Logan both have flawed strategies about what to do about the Phoenix but at least their reactions to it make (some) sense.

Cyclops' doesn't. It's not like the Phoenix has been so helpful to him and his in the past. If anything he should be the first one trying to hide Hope and plotting a way to reroute/destroy it.

I still don't get it

Date: 2012-05-02 05:45 pm (UTC)
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This still seems wrong to me.

They have done all these years of Avenger's comics with Wolvie on the team. All these times of mutual respect the two have for each other. And, what is going on here is enough for them to just throw this away?

I assume after this, Wolverine is no longer going to be an Avenger? I assume there will be no more trust between Cap and Logan?

Sorry, but I still think you can have a big crossover but have the relation ships make sense in a way that people can relate to them. Otherwise call everything a what-if and go to town.

Re: I still don't get it

Date: 2012-05-03 03:57 am (UTC)
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Well, at least the characters aren't getting divided by Economic lines, as they were in Civil War. Which really should have been called Class Warfare or The Rich Heroes Vs. The Poor Heroes.

And it could be worse. Infinity Crusade split the characters by believers and atheists, IIRC.


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