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AvX #3 - Cap vs. Wolvie

Cyclops tricks the Avengers and the X-Men escape Utopia thanks to Illyana.

Cap sends the Avengers to various locations to look for Hope. Wolvie and Cap take a walk to compare half baked strategies and well this happens...

Additional Spoiler:

At first I was going to bitch about Rachel being Cyclops' mole in Logan's School, but then I remembered when Wolvie tried to kill her when she was the Phoenix's host. Which if that's what they end up using to justify her siding with Cyke is actually a) good writing and B) an astonishing nod to continuity.


If they believe the Phoenix's arrival means a rebirth for them, then it makes sense for most (if not all) of the mutants to side with the other mutants. But I don't get how the Phoenix arriving equates jump starting mutant baby births.

Cap and Logan both have flawed strategies about what to do about the Phoenix but at least their reactions to it make (some) sense.

Cyclops' doesn't. It's not like the Phoenix has been so helpful to him and his in the past. If anything he should be the first one trying to hide Hope and plotting a way to reroute/destroy it.
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Weird, this was the solution I suggested to dispose of Logan when the preview pages were posted here a little while back.
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Nah, for now I'll just put forward ideas until they happen in the comics again.

Like the host of the Phoenix turning out to not be Hope after all, but rather someone totally unexpected that results in global consequences in more direct ways than the usual Mutant issues, which appear to be primarily consigned to the US and Canada.

Like what if a Tibetan Buddhist becomes the new avatar for the Phoenix, and uses the powers to force the Chinese government out of her country, for example? Or some who happens to be a member of one of the various Occupy movements?

You know, something NEW?
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But what would that do to the fragile sate of the comic writer? They wouldn't buy anything that hasn't been pre-chewed!
. . .
That was a little more bitter than intended.
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Clearly you are Brubaker in hiding.
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*Sigh* I wish.

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Aw, if I were I'd still be at DC attempting to write Batman or Catwoman in some form, as opposed to writing for Marvel Comics.

Not meaning any disrespect to their fans, but generally speaking I just prefer the DC Universe as I'm more familiar with it... even if my prefered version of the DCU that is currently being produced is the YJverse as opposed to the one in the actual comics.

Sorry, I have Views when it comes to things like that.
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Re: *Sigh* I wish.

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Can't blame you, Brubaker's Catwoman is what I liked best in what he's done which I've read.
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Re: *Sigh* I wish.

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Still, just in case you're using a double-bluff... I can has moar Criminal, plz?