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Hmm. Morrison's off-the-rocker-ness seems to have died down since I last read one of his stories. This issue looks like a rehash of his old ideas.

1) Looks like not!Obama Superman from Final Crisis made a reappearance. Morrison did write that as well so I guess he's got carte blanche on that end.

2) Morrison also brought back the idea that sound vibrations can be used to warp reality, again like in Final Crisis when Superman sings a note of opposing frequency to that of Darkseid to destroy him once and for all.

3) Similar idea of creating a Superman as in All-Star Superman with P.R.O.J.E.C.T. and Leo Quintum being entrusted with Superman's DNA to make a new Superman after the first one sacrifices himself to repair the sun.

Overall reaction: "Meh"

Although as an engineer i question the necessity of giving a robot teeth or what looks like a bandolier

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