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(I decided to split this com

Here's how it should go:
Cap: cyclops, the Phoenix is coming to Earth, and burning every planet in its way. We want to move Hope offworld so it reunites with her there. I hate to do this, but it's putting the whole planet at risk otherwise.
Cyclops: Alright. But the X-Men are coming too. She's mutantkind's last hope (no pun intended). But I don't want a repeat of what happened with Jean if i can help it.
Cap: I understand. I'll leave some people to protect utopia in your absence. Shall we?
(they leave).
While they're en route, they have a philosophical debate over the merits of repowering mutantkind (can it be controlled. By the time they arrive, Cap and Cyclops have drawn up a plan of action in case the repowering plan works, and the X-Men start working together with the rest of the Marvel Universe again. Logan is obviously unhappy with leaving Hope alive before the Phoenix finds, but Cap and Cyclops both suspect he might try something so keep him under watch. He talks to Hope, who reaffirms giving him permission to kill her if she goes Dark Phoenix.

Then the Phoenix shows up, and Jean takes Hope to the white hot room and talks to her about the responsibilities of being a Phoenix host, as well as urging her to support Xavier's dream of peace between humans and mutants. Hope, appropriately Phoenix'd up, reveals she wants to go back to Earth, and Cap reluctantly agrees. Hope returns the mutant powers to earth, but not just to people who were mutants beforehand (and not even all of them), as its not something she can fully control. there's some big fight with the Avengers and X-men taking on some anti-mutant threat (maybe one or more of those big sentinels from Schism?). The good guys win, but only by working together (including the kids from Utopia, Avengers Academy and the Jean Grey School) It ends with Wolverine and cyclops having a respectful conversation in front of the Jean Grey School, suggestion that some of the scars of Schism are beginning to heal. Hope leaves Utopia to help mutants around the world, as well as figure out what she wants to be.

Of course, then you couldn't call it Avengers vs. X-Men.
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