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2 pages from Uncanny X-Men #11 & 3 pages from AvsX #3


There's your "solid, unqualified win", Cap.

Here Tony makes one of those "you're starting to sound like me" speech that Magneto has been giving Scott a lot lately.

Scott plays dirty.

I like it.
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Was this entire event base off of the Elian Gonzalez case? The way police broke into a lower class citizen's house with armed guns POINTING to Elian and his aunt, after they gas the house, on Easter morning in front of a crowd? Was that the whole point to this crossover!?!
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Unless Scott has pictures, people won't believe him.
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News crews were all over the site from the air. Not surprising, considering Cap mobilized a FRICKIN SHIELD HELICARRIER as part of the engagement. >_
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Okay, that deserves a Sokka level facepalm... come to think of it, how did Cap shrug off the publicity from Civil War? Was he instantly forgiven when died and came back?


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