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The mole is revealed! (Invincible Iron Man 516)

Oh damn it. Right in the heart. That hurts.

Also, another cherry top to this whole debacle:


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Spymasters tears are so manly they went thru his helmet
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Ha! I did not notice that until you pointed it out..... Nice!

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I don't read this book. Can someone explain why he quits this time?

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Fraction, again.
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Basically my entire reaction. I know he's apparently written good stuff but every time I open IIM, I'm just like, "Oh, it's still Fraction. Lovely."
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... someone should put together a post with scans of scenes where X person tells Z person they love him/her while stabbing them, shooting them, decapitating them, setting them on fire, kicking their ass, etc.

i feel like there's a lot of that. i can only think of two examples rn, but i feel like there are more. much more.

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And another gay Marvel character bites the dust.
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Yup, that's what I was thinking when I read that too.
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Another? Oh no, who else did we lose this week?

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it’s like a variation of Women in Refrigerators.

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"Dude, did you really need to stab him to death?"

Even if the guy did have to die, aren't there different ways where it would be even less likely he would feel any pain? I mean, surely snapping the neck or even shooting him in the head is more likely to be quick and painless than stabbing him in the chest.

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He's a corporate saboteur. Leaving the guy who just discovered that hey, you're fucking Spymaster, alive - well, that'd be an idiotic move.

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The sad part is that there are lots of people who would see this and be like, "Well yeah, he killed him, but he was really upset about doing it and didn't really want to! Poor baby." I have learned this from my adventures in other fandoms.

Quoted for truth. It's incredibly depressing D:
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I love that Spymaster was wearing a mask the whole time, because it kind of justifies how plastic-y his skin as Pimacher looked.

Doesn't quite help everyone else (though, really, it's only bad when they're under sources of light).
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My god, they're all Spymaster!

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i'm not sure how i feel about this... i think gay characters can be villains too.. but.... :(

is he actually dead?
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Note to self: Spymaster doesn't really understand the definition of 'Love' in the way that most people apparently do. As everyone else has noted, if he really did love him, even if the mission comes first (whatever the mission is, exactly), he could have chosen more humane ways of killing his love.

Not feeling bad that I gave this up over a year ago. Clearly, my investment of time simply wasn't worth it. It's not even badly written, it's just...I don't know. It feels so...suspended in amber. Like I haven't followed the title for over a year with anything resembling regularity and it looks like NOTHING has changed, other than Pimacher and Cababa were living together.

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gee, do you think Tony is going to keep secretly being Iron Man but act like he's not?

For you know, the billionth time.
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Why does Spymaster wear a mask over his mask? Underneath is there an even smaller mask maybe?

Maybe Spymaster had his own face removed to fool his enemies and now, he is more mask than man.

Also, would it kill Salvador Larocca to spot a black at least once in a while? All this shiny shiny. Everything looks like jello. Every time I read this, I think: these images need to look thicker and heavier. He almost got there when the Grey Gargoyle forced him to.

By the way, I assumed this guy was the mole ever since he had that clever idea about using Electro's electricity against him and the Sandman. That was not a techie's idea.


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I was kind of wondering where Spymaster is in all of this. Now we know, I guess.
I wasn't too invested in this pairing because "handsome young asian gentleman/slightly gross older white dude" is kind of a bad stereotype/cliche I don't care for too much, but it's still sad.
I'm somewhat inclined to give it a pass though, provided this facet of Spymaster's personality is explored more in the future, I'Ve been lamenting the utter lack of gay villains for years.
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Gratuitous and unneccessary Fridging

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And in the kitchen, no less! Wouldn't it have been a more interesting choice for SM to come clean, stash C in secure location through Hammer's resources, and to release C after he had done his business? Nope. They went for the cheap Psycho-killer move. Sad.