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Four pages from Free Comic Book Day's New 52 book

A Monitor Machine that looks into other universes. :) As much as I love stuff like the Young Justice cartoon that take a more grounded "realistic" approach, my heart will always belong to the superhero stories that have room for this kind of insanity.

I spot nuDC Etrigan's armor, a Red Lantern battery (!), and the Haunted Tank. Anyone recognize anything else?

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[personal profile] thanekos 2012-05-06 05:42 am (UTC)(link)
" God speed. "

Jay's origin as shaggy dog story, huh?

And my, that's a hell of a bell.

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"Anyone recognize anything else?"

Psycho Pirate's mask is on the far-right, near the middle of the panel.
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At the dragon's jaw appears to be the Coronation Chair of Westminster Abbey, with the Stone of Scone.

The chandelier looks like it's from the Sedlec Ossuary, in the Czech Republic.

Could that bell (I'm assuming it's a bell, what with the DO NOT RING sign) be the Green Bell of Uthool (created by Rath of The Demons Three)?

Could that multifaceted thing under the tarp be Eclipso's Black Diamond/the Heart of Darkness?

I'm curious what the significance of MDCCLXXV (1775) would be. It's when the American Revolution began -- maybe Uncle Sam's locked behind it?
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I assume those are terra cotta warriors below the dragon.

Something about that painting in the foreground tickles my memory, but I can't place it.
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There's a giant Roman coin, did the Roman-era Batman have one of those I wonder.
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I think the crate directly below Pandora's box is supposed to be the one holding the Ark of the Covenant.
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Cool beans. I wanted to pick this up but they were all gone when I got there.
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That's definitely poor old Coatlicue on the far left there. First she gets her head and arms chopped off, then her statue is excavated and re-buried, now this...can't the dear woman be left in peace?

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is that the fucking haunted tank?!
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Hm, on the far right there appears to be one of the masks of Psycho Pirate, while on the left below the throne there appears to be the Spear of Destiny.
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Bell= The one in the first book of Narnia?

Chandelier= Bone church in Czech Republic.

Terra Cotta soldiers, Medusa Mask, Westminster Church throne.

Pandora mentions a black diamond...
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I think the Boat above the Tank might be the Viking Prince's long boat.
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Busby's chair?

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This is why I come here - the only thing I recognized was the tank. :)
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The Monitor Machine! *smacks own head* Hello Megan! It didn't even hit me when I read it.