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Batman #9 continues the long night as Bruce Wayne unleashes and loses some allies during the Court of Owl's attack on Gotham.

When we last left Batman, he was duking it out with a platoon of Talons as Alfred sent out a distress call to the Bat-Family. Lowering the temp at the Batcave to freeze the Talons proves too slow, so he's left on the ropes until this happens.

Once Batman, his swarm of bats, and his pet dinosaur make short work of the now-frozen Talons, he heads for Lincoln March's (Bruce's friend and decent-seeming Gotham mayoral candidate) office.

"...I have a message for Bruce Wayne."


What a way to go, although could be he just used the same regenerative tech the Talons use. Self-made man, rose from tragedy, moving up on the world - isn't that just the sort of thing that attracts Court of Owls membership? But maybe he's really on the level, and I'm just over-analyzing. Thoughts?

Date: 2012-05-10 06:23 pm (UTC)
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That was pretty cool.


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