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Behold, BlueWater's tribute to one of the greatest aurthors ever....

Came across the preview for Blue Water's "JRR Tolkien #1" on CBR. And... just look....

Is Gandalf trying to attack JR, his creator, who is just looking amuze as he about to be blasted in the-Oh wait... Tolkien just puffed a Gandalf construct... like what Gandalf does.... definably no well placed... or framed, feels like they're should be more to this cover, but not enough for a like a multi issue cover deal, Gandalf looks like he is cut in half...

Lets take a look into the actual pages of the comic.

Wow! By Bluewater standards, this looks good. Most of their issues, like the Lady Gaga or Stephine Meyers comic or their own manga book, it feels like they hired someone on DA, or at best a C-Average art school graduate, and made them do a rush job. Here, the artwork feels like an oil painting, everything seems real in their settings and blend in beautifully. In most other Bluewater books, they have signs and books that look like they belong in a comic done by high schoolers, or just have really odd design chose that even Leifield would say would be off... HECK, look closely at the pages here, and you can see the textures of a painting canvas! Talk about comic book art. To be honest, this style really does seem fit for a comic about one of the best fantasy writers of all time... who happen wrote the books that inspired the best fantasy movies ever made.... But then we get this page...

The fraq was wrong with him in the first panel!?!?! His eyes, that blur that clearly looks like a mistroke from the brush or somekind of accident.... you can even see some strokes painfully over top of others, some even smudged. And why does JRR Tolkien looks black in the 2nd to last panel? Even as good as the art is, people do "blurr" together, making it hard to tell who is who....

This seems to borderline from being a somewhat decent comic, to just a cheap cash in comic that BlueWater tends to make....

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[personal profile] atom_punk 2012-05-11 04:22 am (UTC)(link)
Ladies and gentlemen, the Blurry-faced Boy, your nightmare fuel for this week. D:

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His mouth is a gaping maw, all the better to swallow your soul with. :O
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Seriously, that's some Doctor Who worthy stuff there. -shudder-
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[personal profile] atom_punk 2012-05-11 04:39 am (UTC)(link)
But then why does his jaw look like is cringe-worthingly dislocated?

I'm actually making up words to convey how creeped out I am. XD
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I'm really trying to see it but I can't. No matter how much I squint, Ican still only see a Flappy look-alike. Is the tree overlapping with his face, or...?
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Um, it's spelled "Author."

Also, Blue Water, does this actually make you money? Really? Who is buying these?
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hey watch it, the Betty White one was classic :D
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They sure this isn't about H.P Lovecraft? Some of those panels make me wonder...
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He really does have that look to him.
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From what I gather the artist has history in horror comics. And it kinda shows. I mean, it's not bad art just poor match for the subject.
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Oh, oh no - it's not bad art at all, really - I've seen much, much worse, but it would be more suited to a Lovecraft adaptation than a Tolkien one. Ideally, it would've been kind-of fun if they could've gotten an authentic fantasy artist or something along those lines to do the book.
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Can the Tolkien estate please ban this or something? Can like, Peter Jackson join in and get fucking rid of it? The cover alone - with that composition and the angle of the pipe - seems to be implying Tolkien was some kind-of Gollum-esque psycho, leering at his own creations.

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Blue Water. May I very politely ask you to take a look at your own work?
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I've concluded that Blue Water's publisher is the reincarnation of Victor Fox
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No. Nooooooooo. So, so creepy.