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I has posted this on old s_d but it bears restoring.

This epic tale starts in Military Comics #3 which introduces “Chop-Chop.” Why they chose this plot to go with that introduction, I will forever wonder. Chop-chop will spend most of the issue stabbing at any drama that might hit the page. This is listed as being by Will Eisner, it more likely by Bob Powell or Dick French. Art is by Chuck Cuidera.

Oh, and chop-chop gets his own post later, so save up your thoughts.

Also posted here (word for word this time because I am lazy).

This ad ends the issue
NEXT TIME IN MILITARY COMICS...(rather in six issues...)

If my bandwidth holds I'll have part two up here tomorrow. 

Date: 2012-05-14 10:48 pm (UTC)
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It's kind of weird that Chop-Chop managed to repair a bullet-riddled, crashed German plane in five minutes, successfully flew it on his first attempt, and navigated to the Blackhawks' secret island and nobody is impressed by this. They don't even spend a panel congratulating him before they tie him up, laugh at him and leave him bound in a deserted area for, like, days while they go on a mission from which they might never return. This is not what you want to do to a man who prepares your team's meals.

Movieverse! Kato feels his pain (although, in that instance, the narrative's portrayal of the Great White Hero as a rampaging jerkasaurus was intentional.)


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